Wireless Home Emergency Lighting

With storms wreaking havoc across the Midwest and along the Eastern seaboard, millions of homes will go without electricity for some time this year. The Mr Beams ReadyBright Starter House Kit is the only wireless, battery-operated power outage system available for the home. The kit provides a new way to keep homes safe and bright during a storm, hurricane, or electrical outage of any kind.

Mr Beams avoids rummaging through drawers to find flashlights or having to burn candles, which pose a fire hazard. The ReadyBright power outage system lights up hallways, stairs and rooms the moment power is interrupted. The kit instantly detects when the power goes out, illuminates to become a brilliant flashlight, and wirelessly turns on all the ReadyBright Lights in the home.

The Mr Beams ReadyBright Starter House Kit Wireless LED Power Outage Lighting System retails for $69.99 and includes one Power Outage Detector, one Path Light and one Ceiling Light. Key features include:

  • Automatically detects a power failure and provides up to 40 hours of bright light
  • Simple wireless installation – no electrician needed, just use double-sided tape
  • Light can be controlled by the remote for maximum safety, convenience and battery life
  • Power Outage Detector is a remote and a flashlight
  • Intelligent motion sensors and auto shutoff conserve battery life and turn lights off automatically if no one is home
  • IP44 rating satisfies both indoor and outdoor LED light applications

Source: www.readybright.com