US Lighting Tech and Deco Settle Patent Infringement

US Lighting Tech, a leader in induction lighting, has reached a settlement regarding the patent infringement lawsuit it filed against Deco Lighting earlier this year. USLT and Deco settled the action upon confidential financial terms, and Deco has agreed to withdraw its Anaconda product from the market.

USLT filed the lawsuit in the US District Court for the Central District of California, which asserted, among other claims, that Deco Lighting’s Anaconda streetlight infringed on US Patent No. D624,685, secured by USLT in the fall of 2010, and refers to the company’s signature Jersey Series of streetlights. David B. Sandelands, Esq. represented US Lighting Tech in the patent infringement case.

“US Lighting Tech’s proprietary product line is widely regarded as the gold standard in the induction lighting industry when it comes to energy efficiency and performance,” said Richard Ham, president of USLT. “We will always vigorously defend our intellectual property, which is the foundation of our technology offering and fundamental to our business success.”

USLT has installed its induction products in 220 municipalities and cities, and is the first and only induction manufacturer in the world to already have over 125,000 streetlights installed on streets and neighborhoods across the globe.