Renesas Electronics Introduces LED Driver IC for LED Backlit LCD Televisions

Renesas Electronics announced the availability of its new LED driver IC, the R2A50106FT, for LED backlights in LCD TVs with 20 percent reduced power consumption. The new R2A50106FT driver IC powers the white LEDs used in backlight systems. The driver IC makes use of voltage step-up circuit technology, refined over many years in the company’s power supply IC products. The driver IC incorporates an exclusive DC-DC converter control circuit that the company says helps provide improved power efficiency for backlight systems.

Renesas Electronics’ R2A50106FT LED driver IC incorporates a newly developed step-up control circuit to ensure the optimal voltage from the DC-DC converter according to factors such as the LED voltage (forward voltage) and the output volume (number of elements connected in series). Ultimately the company says that this yields a reduction in power consumption of about 20 percent compared with a conventional fixed-voltage system.