OLED Configurator

LivingSculpture 3D module system

Planning a light installation is particularly challenging when the design is not only in one plane, but when free space is built in with light. Until now, successfully realizing such a project required extensive planning and enormous technical expertise. With the LivingSculpture 3D module system, designed by Christopher Bauder/WHITEvoid, ...

Triango Ceiling Mount

Triango Universal Procedure Light

The Triango Universal Procedure Light manufactured by Waldmann Lighting, provides the best lighting conditions for nursing staff and practitioners. Illumination, light color and color rendering are optimally adapted for work in the medical sector. This fixture is available in ceiling, wall and floor mount versions. Triango Floor


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Ecomoods Suspension from Philips


Saving in style

This beautiful pendant disc hangs seemingly in mid-air thanks to the clear wires that secure it from a single point. It’s beautifully versatile too - there’s a dimmer switch for the right light level and fully adjustable height.

Saves up to 80% energy

The product uses a 55watt fluorescent  tube. The big advantage of ...


ILLUMIA-LITE Handheld Integrating Sphere Spectroradiometer

Compared with traditional filter photometers and colorimeters, the ILLUMIA-LITE incorporates a miniature spectrometer with CCD array for accurate lumen, CCT and colour rendering measurements with any type of light source - even LEDs. The ILLUMIA-LITE incorporates a small integrating sphere - this allows it to measure the total flux (in lumens) ...


Holophane LED High Mast Lighting Solutions

Providing innovative high mast lighting solutions for more than five decades, Holophane has expanded its High Mast Advanced Optix™ (HMAO) lighting systems to include LED technology. Engineered with a state-of-the-art prismatic borosilicate glass advanced optics, the HMAO™ LED luminaire is ideal for large area and roadway applications including ...


21watt Impulse LED Track Luminaire

Robustly engineered with upgraded LED technology for a higher lumen output, WAC Lighting expands on the highly successful LEDme® Impulse 120-volt track luminaires with a turbocharged 21W version.  The solid die-cast aluminum Impulse is offered with various color temperatures and optics, as well as professional lighting accessories. Engineered ...

aura by segno2

Aura chandelier – contemporary design freedom

Contemporary sleek design with state of the art LED lighting.

Product description: The Aura chandelier by Segno has been designed by Giancarlo Tintori. This suspension mounted luminaire is perfect for direct LED lighting. The Aura chandelier is composed of satinized steel inox with steel suspension cables. Equipped with a built-in electronic ...


infrared Mini Midled from Osram Opto Semiconductors

Provides narrow, high-power beam of infrared light for proximity sensors and light barriers where space is limited

The new infrared Mini Midled from Osram Opto Semiconductors is only 0.9 millimeters high, but this tiny device produces a narrow and intense beam of infrared light that provides the highest radiant intensity of its size class. With a ...


Milford Schoolhouse Pendant

A timeless classic featuring clean lines and authentic period perfection, good lighting design is always a welcomed constant. Introduced in the new Early Electric Collection, WAC Lighting’s new Milford pendant brings the softer side of schoolhouse to a variety of spaces with a milk white glass shade that creates a warm glow, radiating charm and ...