Wet Location from Kurtzon Lighting Inc

The Wet-Lock Series is unlike ordinary wet location fixtures that may allow water to penetrate a fixture as long as electrical components are not dampened. The Wet-Lock Series surpasses standard wet location requirements by restricting water from entering the enclosure. Proven enclosures, sealed with the highest quality neoprene and silicone gasketing materials, withstand much more than the standard sprinkler or shower tests of other manufacturers’ wet location fixtures. This makes Wet-Lock the unsurpassed choice for wet location applications.

20-Gauge Channel Door Frame

The Wet-Lock door frame features:

  • CRS or type 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Pure Neoprene Gaskets*
  • Captive, Stainless Steel Fasteners

*Closed Cell 100% Pure Neoprene Gasketing Chemically stable, die-cut synthetic neoprene rubber gaskets are resistant to heat and ultraviolet light.

See http://www.kurtzon.com.php5-18.dfw1-2.websitetestlink.com/WL-Wet-Lock-Series

Wet Location Lighting from Kurtzon IncWet Location Lighting from Kurtzon Inc