Radio Powr Savr™ Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor by Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

Saving energy becomes much easier when you don’t have to invest a lot of time or effort. Wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors take care of the work for you – automatically shutting off lights when the room is not being used.

The new Radio Powr Savr wireless occupancy/vacancy sensor installs in minutes since it does not require any new wiring. The user-replaceable batteries are designed to last up to 10 years. Simply select your desired sensor location and install it on the ceiling, then replace a standard light switch with a Lutron Maestro Wireless switch. The sensor communicates to the switch via Lutron’s reliable Clear Connect™ RF technology. Exclusive XCT™ technology from Lutron detects fine motion for superior performance. This technology enables Radio Powr Savr to keep the lights on when someone is typing, writing or flipping pages and to turn the lights off only when the space is truly empty.

The sensor is available in white, black and light almond. The switch comes in a full range of Gloss and Satin Colors to coordinate with other Lutron Maestro products and wallplates.