Fulham Opens Manufacturing Facility in India

Fulham has joined India’s manufacturing industry with the formation of a new 3000 sqm facility in Pune.

Brian Wald, CEO of Fulham, said the leaders of India have opened their doors to the involvement of foreign corporations. “India’s leaders have encouraged several progressive international endeavors to enhance the future of this country of 1 billion citizens. Energy savings is among the many areas they believe will catapult the nation into the forefront of meaningful progress in the 21st century.”

Fulham is a global supplier of electronic ballasts, lamps, electronic transformers, LED arrays and drivers, emergency lighting, induction systems, wiring harnesses, and custom assemblies. Fulham has sales and service facilities in North America, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa, India, and Latin America.

Wald said that Fulham was welcomed to India via a joint venture with a respected organization to prepare Fulham’s entry into the country. A company, Fulham India Private Limited, was formed to begin Fulham’s foray in India.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held in late June at which customers, friends, and new staff members celebrated the opening. The ultra-modern factory contains advanced equipment and systems that combine with Fulham’s global technology.

The move to expand into India was endorsed by Fulham’s board consisting of India’s Moti and Guatam Malakni, Hari Mamak, and Fulham’s Subrata Ghose and Brian Wald. At the first board meeting in the new facility, the board set manufacturing and marketing objectives.

“Our goal,” said Wald, “is to make Fulham the leading light engine supplier of India in just a few years.”