FTC Proposes Lighting Facts Labels for Additional Lamp Types

The Federal Trade Commission is seeking public comments on proposed amendments to the Appliance Labeling Rule that would require a “Lighting Facts” label on additional lamp types, and a specific test procedure for light-emitting diode (LED) sources.

Next year, the FTC label will appear on packages for medium screw-base lamps. The new labels are intended to help consumers choose among incandescent lamps and high-efficiency compact fluorescent and LED lamps as new energy standards imposed by Congress begin to phase out traditional incandescent bulbs from the market.

The Commission is now seeking comments on whether to expand the label’s coverage to all screw-base bulbs, including smaller-base candelabra lamps, and certain pin-base lamps. The FTC also proposes requiring a specific test procedure, LM-79, for measuring LED light output and color characteristics to help ensure consistent label content.

For more information about the Lighting Facts Label, watch the FTC’s video or visit FTC.gov/lightbulbs. The FTC also offers Labeling Your Light Bulbs with“Lighting Facts”: Questions and Answers for Manufacturers.

Be sure to differentiate the FTC’s required label from the Department of Energy’s Lighting Facts label, which is voluntary but requires laboratory testing.