Carmanah and Ruud Lighting, Inc. Marketing Agreement Discontinued

The exclusive marketing agreement between Carmanah Technologies Corporation and Ruud Lighting, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cree, Inc., will discontinue as of the expiration of the current agreement on November 6th, 2011. This agreement was established in May, 2008 and effectively paired Carmanah stand-alone solar power engines with Ruud Lighting’s specification-grade BetaLED® exterior LED luminaires. While Carmanah intends to work with Ruud on a non-exclusive basis in continuing to offer these luminaires, the company also recognizes that other world class luminaires will complement its proprietary solar power engines.

The alliance between the two companies has resulted in Carmanah’s portfolio of award-winning solar outdoor lighting products all powering BetaLED® LED luminaires. Carmanah is very pleased with the performance and reliability of the BetaLED luminaires and will continue to supply EverGEN solar outdoor lighting systems with BetaLED luminaires as an option into the future. The expiration of the agreement between Carmanah and Ruud Lighting is an evolution of the relationship and provides both companies the flexibility to explore other opportunities to continue to develop and supply innovative solar powered outdoor lighting products as the adoption of this technology continues to grow.

Carmanah CEO Bruce Cousins states, “The high-quality luminaires and leading-edge technologies that Ruud Lighting develops complement Carmanah’s innovative and versatile stand-alone solar power systems, and we look forward to continuing to work with Ruud Lighting as we foster increased adoption of solar powered lighting.  We also look forward to investigating new supply opportunities for Carmanah as the market for solar powered outdoor illumination continues to grow in the future.

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