1600-lm LED Retrofit Lamp from Switch Replaces 100W

Switch Lighting has launched the SWITCH100, an A-series 100 watt-equivalent LED replacement lamp for select commercial channels. The SWITCH100 is the first true 100 watt-equivalent A-lamp with 1600 lumen output and a radial flux as good as an incandescent available to the market. Switch Lighting was the first to announce a full family of wattage equivalents in LED retrofit lamps that can be used in any fixture, any orientation, and anywhere—indoors and out.

The announcement comes at the start of the National Facilities Management and Technology Conference in Baltimore, where Switch Lighting is providing demonstrations of the SWITCH100 to facilities professionals from around the country. In addition to the SWITCH100, the company is also showcasing their other LED A-lamps, including the SWITCH40, SWITCH60, and SWITCH75.

“We are very excited about starting to sell the SWITCH100 in the commercial channel,” said Switch CEO, Tracy Bilbrough. “There is a huge demand for a 100 watt-equivalent incandescent replacements, and SWITCH Lighting is ready to meet that need. We see the facility management end-market as a terrific opportunity because of the significant energy and maintenance savings Switch bulbs provide.”

Switch’s A-series of LED retrofit lamps use a unique liquid cooling technology. This system allows the LEDs to handle higher input power and be used in any lamp orientation or any fixture—even recessed or fully enclosed—while maintaining over 25,000 hours of full lumen output.

SWITCH100 is both innovative and groundbreaking in its technology and design. It is a true incandescent and CFL lamp replacement, with light quality and functionality that matches an incandescent bulb. Key features include: